Building Memories: Unveiling Our Family’s LEGO House Story – Insights by James, Lauren, Evelyn-Rae, and Ozzy from Wales

Story #30 – The story of our family’s LEGO House

Around June 2020,  with lockdown getting the better of us, me and my wife popped into Smyths Toy Store as we just found out we were expecting! 

We were drawn to the Lego Friends Central Perk set and decided to justify the purchase as a coffee table centre-piece. 

We built it as soon as we got home, and it brought back so many childhood memories that I couldn’t resist browsing on eBay and the LEGO store! 

A week later I had spend quite a bit of money and knew I wanted to set up a city in my bare attic. After building a few sets I really wanted to do a MOC (My Own Creation) – so I decided to build our own home. This was my first experience of Bricklink and free building.

Our house
My first MOC

It turned out pretty good I think….to finish it off I noticed that the mini figures in the airport set fitted with our family so I used those. 2 weeks ago we gave birth to our beautiful daughter and I really wanted to do a comparison photo outside our real house. 

Our Lego house now sits proudly in our city in the residential area at the end of the street as a focal point!

James, Lauren, Evelyn-Rae and Ozzy, Wales