The quest to find IT

Story #14

When I was 10 years old, I remember playing with my few LEGO® sets until exhaustion.  Every Christmas, I eagerly waited for the catalogues from the big retail stores, showcasing all the toys you can imagine. My favorite toys were always RC cars and of course… LEGO®!

One day, I went with my mom to her manager’s house and… I saw IT! An enormous LEGO® Technic set, that I only had seen in the Christmas catalogues booklets… and that I thought I would never see in real life.  ‘IT’ was the 8865 Test Car, laying around… Half on the floor… Half on the box… left abandoned, and worse… I wasn’t authorized to play with IT! 

That day, I secretly promised myself – ‘One Day I will have IT! Meanwhile (unfortunately…) I grew up, and went into my LEGO® dark ages, years went by and LEGO® became just a fading memory. just a memory and fade!

Years later, when I was already an adult,  my inner geek started to come out again when I started watching The Big Bang Theory. When my girlfriend gave The Big Bang Theory LEGO® ideas set, I rediscovered the world of LEGO® again!

This year I turned 40. And one night, after putting my 2-year old daughter to sleep, I went on Ebay to look for my next LEGO® set. And I stumbled upon it… a second-hand 8865 Test car! With so many memories coming back to me I decided – I have to have IT! 

Image by author

And as I write this story, I am bringing its yellow aged bricks back to vibrant colors – and I can’t wait to build IT… Finally.

Alexandre Fernandes – Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

#8 – My LEGO® world painting, by Elisa Ochoa – Lisbon

My LEGO® world has always been about the colors:

How I organize my imagination through emotions in space. Building forms and creating stories about my world.

Family and childhood has its base on vibration; composition and happiness. LEGO® is ultimately about being happy.

Elisa Ochoa, Lisbon – Portugal

Demystifying LEGO® Instructions: Insights from Ana Beirão in Lisbon

Story #6 – What do you mean LEGO® Instructions?

When I was a child, I would borrow all my LEGO® from my cousins.

They were given to me in big shopping bags filled with bricks, or half-built with one or two parts to be rebuilt. I loved building and played with these bricks all the time building houses for my dolls or just doing official repairs for my cousins!

When I saw LEGO® ads on TV, I wondered the amount of imagination it took to build such boats and buildings – and I tried my best to replicate them with my bricks. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The years went by, and as an adult was time to do the same that my cousins did for me – spark imagination and creativity. So when my son turned 5, I bought him a LEGO® box and I was completely gobsmacked that there were instructions. I had no idea! 

I shared my amazement with a friend. 

Ana Beirão – Lisbon, Portugal

Enchanting Homecoming: António Marques Mendes Welcomes Minnie and Mickey to Lisbon

Story #5 – Bringing Minnie and Mickey home

Today they are in the front line of my display case. The most amazing minifigures.

But it wasn’t always like that.

The setting: the always crowded LEGO® shop in Leicester Square

The hero: me, of course. I was positively groping all the minifigure bags in the shop, although the sign was quite clear – DO NOT to touch anything. But I was determined to find Minnie and Mickey.

The villain: The security guard. He saw me and tried to kick me out but the store manager looked at me and laughed at my technique… and lack of shame. 

The ending: I was completely embarrassed, but I found them, purchased them and  brought Minnie and Mickey home…where they belonged.

Image by author

Antonio Marques Mendes, Lisbon — Portugal