How Even NFL Players Turn to LEGO®: The story of Rodrigo Blankenship

Story # 18

It’s Friday night and you are waiting for the outcome of NFL’s roster cut. So what do you do?

Well, you turn to LEGO®… and a chat with your girlfriend. That is exactly what Rodrigo Blankenship did to take his mind off his fate in roster cuts.

Rodrigo ended up building not one, but actually two LEGO® sets – a ‘Ferrari and a small Star Wars one’. Which he said was ‘nothing crazy’.

And finally the good news came the day after – read the whole original story and video here. Original story published with author’s authorization.

Philipp B. Wilson – Indianapolis, US

Experience Sky-High Thrills: Unveiling Benny B’s LEGO® Plane Adventure

Story #11 – My LEGO® Plane Bought On… A Plane

Bet you didn’t know LEGO® was available for purchase on flights a long time ago.

My family took a plane ride on one particular vacation. However, back in 1988 there was no in-flight entertainment.  So how did my mother calm her increasingly annoying bored child?

She bought me my first LEGO® set ever to keep me occupied.

Photo credit: Benny B

Colors have faded & lost pieces replaced along the way, but the spirit remains.

Photo Credit: Benny B

Benny B – New Jersey, USA