LEGO® Minifigure Magic: Father-Son Adventures Unleashed!

#25 – My son and I creating LEGO® Minifigure adventures

My name is Benjamin Rummens and this is my LEGO® story. 

As a child, I played hours and hours with the lovely bricks alongside my brothers. I stopped playing as an adult ,  but when I bought the Queen Ann’s Revenge LEGO® set for the 5th birthday of my son Noah… it all came back. 

I have always been busy artistically –  as an artist first (I studied plastic Arts) and most recently as a street and circus performer.  Two years ago I got the idea to make my vacation pictures a bit more creative – and in every picture you could see a dad with his two sons. 

During the last few months, due to COVID,  all my shows have been cancelled – so we got back to the idea. What about taking creative pictures of LEGO® minifigures in real-world situations.

So my youngest son Janosh and I started the project again, just with much more details and with many more minifigures than before. Because we have a big collection of them the possibilities are endless!

Sometimes people on the street find me and my son quite strange,  when they see us laying there belly flat on the ground with a minifigure. But we don’t really care, it is our moment – and we are making other people laugh. 

So everyday we try to take a new picture, and it is very interesting because we really start to look differently to our environment and notice. It is like a never ending quest, and we didn’t even start to use the figures of Lord of the Rings

We will keep adding more and more minifigure adventures in our page and I hope they inspire people to be creative. Even with the constraints of a pandemic, creativity will always win!

Benjamin Rummens, Belgium