#7 – When I watch him build LEGO, by Renay – London

My LEGO story is a relatively short one. It began a year ago when I met the love of my life. 

Having never really been interested in LEGO except from a few of those big green bricks when I was a child, I remember walking into his tiny apartment and seeing the giant Star Wars Millennium Falcon taking pride of place in the living room as clear as day.  I immediately walked over to it, reaching out. ‘Don’t touch it’ he said.

I’ll be honest, at the time I didn’t understand the fuss over LEGO. It’s just a toy, right? 

Although I never got a knack for doing LEGO myself, it makes me happy watching him get excited over a new release or building the newly-arrived set.

I’ve been on my hands and knees countless times looking for a missing piece, lifting furniture up, checking the hoover. LEGO has been scattered over every possible surface in the house with dishes, trays, plates, and bowls being used to sort each bag.

I smile when he gets a new set and opens the box for the first time proudly showing me the shiny manual. I too feel calm when he’s doing LEGO to distract his mind, knowing he is safe and looking after himself. 

Over time I’ve evolved to see LEGO for what it truly is. 

Something that brings calmness and joy when everything is turbulent around you. A moment of peace and structure in uncertainty. 

I’m looking forward to continuing my LEGO story, albeit through someone else.

Renay, London — United Kingdom

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  1. Renay, I identify with your story as for me , I did not have a love for Lego, but witnessed the love and joy of others playing with it. Thanks for sharing!

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