#5 – Bringing Minnie and Mickey home, by António Marques Mendes – Lisbon

Today they are in the front line of my display case. The most amazing Minifigures.

But it wasn’t always like that.

The setting: the always crowded Lego shop in Leicester Square. 

The hero: me, of course. I was positively groping all the minifigure bags in the shop, although the sign was quite clear – DO NOT to touch anything. But I was determined to find Minnie and Mickey.

The villain: The security guard. He saw me and tried to kick me out but the store manager looked at me and laughed at my technique… and lack of shame. 

The ending: I was completely embarrassed, but I found them, purchased them and  brought Minnie and Mickey home…where they belonged.

Image by author

Antonio Marques Mendes, Lisbon — Portugal