#20 – How I built my LEGO wall, by Laurence Woolford – UK

Lego has always been a part of my life. As young as 3 years old I was playing with it. My father traveled a lot when I was young and, back in those days, the only toy available at airports was Lego. I used to wait for him to come home, not just to see him, but to see what Lego he had found.

As I grew older, I moved through the various genres of the brick, from town and space through the electronic train and into Technic. I have always been an early riser and my mother said she always knew when I was awake because she could hear the Lego being rummaged through.

I was never someone that played with Lego, I was always purely a builder. Nothing was ever finished so there was no time to swoop the spaceship through the air, I could always see how it could be improved or that it needed a landing pad or support truck.

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By the time I was 13 and moving into being a teenager I had amassed quite a collection and had a permanent Lego layout in my room. My move to boarding school started my path into adulthood and I put my Lego into several large storage boxes and hid them in my parents’ loft. It was not until years later with the birth of my 3 children that my Lego was recovered, and I started an entirely new relationship with my lost youth.

I delighted in teaching them how to build but would find myself staying up late into the night building. Buying Lego for them and spending time building reconnected me with lots of happy memories and feelings from my youth which helped me through 2 nasty divorces. I can remember at the end of my first marriage building a huge Eagle Transporter from Space 1999 that was minifigure scale and over a meter long.

As my children grew away from Lego, LEGO became more and more a part of my life. I used building as time to think and reflect. I was never happier than building, listening to an audio book and letting my mind wonder over all the problems of my life.My Lego was listed in my second divorce and I nearly lost my 1st Edition Millennium Falcon! Fortunately, I have managed to hold onto it although it was destroyed and had to be rebuilt from scratch!

Now a bachelor, and still a big kid, I have embraced my Lego heritage. It is a huge part of my life. I have a “mini figure me” the travels all over the world with me and has been to some amazing places from Maputo to Burma. It always gets a huge smile when I set him up to take a picture.

During the recent renovation of my home I was determined to make Lego a permanent part of the building, making a corner of a garden wall a feature to look like the entire wall was Lego. It is this that has inspired me to build a Lego house into the corner wall of the kitchen. The house is about to have all the windows changed so my Lego room is packed up but I do have some of my favourite pieces on display in the downstairs toilet!

Laurence Woolford – United Kingdom.