#10 – Growing into LEGO®, by Raquel Lemos – Sweden

I don’t remember building LEGO® while growing up. Never felt particularly drawn to it but – like with Scouting – I always thought I’d love for my kids to try.  You always want them to be the best version of themselves that they want, right?

When we went to other kids’ places, not much interest in LEGO®, at all.

But at home, she received her first LEGO® at 4 – a kit with guided mini-builds. A fun own-time with mommy, the final result displayed in her bookshelf, but not coming across as a big passion.

Then Corona came, and I attended an online event at work with the LEGO® Serious Play methodology.

Illustrating her emotions around the virus through LEGO®, but mostly competing with fellow co-workers’ kids for the tallest LEGO® tower, brought both excitement and tears. It was her competitiveness that was her catapult to LEGO® – go figure!! Your kids are their own person, and that’s so good!

So now we’re growing into LEGO® (and DUPLO®), all girls in the family, with story-telling and creative stops in the builds as their rightful demands.

They’re on the lead, I enable. 🙂 It turns out it’s fun and kind and sharing and opening windows. It can be a lot.

Looking forward to the next episodes with my girls.

Raquel Lemos, Malmö – Sweden

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